Special bonus issue: a festschrift for Joe Benevento


Adam Brooke Davis: Preface to volume XXXIV

Joe Benevento: a life in poetry and prose

Joe Benevento: “$40 Cake,” “James’s Dream, “Accepting St. Joseph,” “Mrs. Kiernan”


Contributions from friends, colleagues, students of Joe Benevento:



Lee Slonimsky, “Money and Light,” “Pythagoras Rests in a Clearing,” “Spider in Winter,” “Gecko,” “The Craft of Water and Light”

Mark Belair, “Yellow Boots,” “The Word,” “Fakers”

Joey Nicoletti, “To Nino Espinoza,” “The Last Night of Spring”

Kasey Perkins, “The Modern Hester,” “Lineage,” “Flowers from Saturn,” “Snowman”

Cathy Porter, “How to Rewrite Grief,” “Long Overdue”

Larry D. Thomas, “Puma, Cougar, Panther, Mountain Lion”

David Wright, “It’s December in Richmond Hill Queens, Early 90s, 2 a.m.,” “Here in My Perfect Small Town Where the Heroes Are All Poets With Hymns in Their Heads.” “Animal in Middle Age,” “Gertrude Stein’s and Walt Whitman’s Wild Night of Love”

Kimberly Ramos, “Eight Ways Of Looking at the Moon,” “o body! o omen! ,” “Rabbits, Flames, Mirrors”

Francine Marie Tolf, “Strawberry,” “Snowstorm,” “You Know How It Is”



Kate Kort: “Tempered”

Joe Baumann, “Lake Drive,” “The Weight of Bones”

Jocelyn Cullity, “Outside Bangkok”



My Perfect Wife, Her Perfect Son: a new novel by Joe Benevento, reviewed by Lee Slonimsky


More from GHLL:



Erin Akins, “(Un)birthday”

Tina Blade, “Smoke from  the Fires”

Lee Slonimsky, “School,” “Shifts”

Cathy Porter “In the Real”

Larry D. Thomas, “Dust”

Matthew Brennan, “Mordecai Three Finger Brown”

Carly Marie DeMento, “Where I Come From,” “The Trouble with Pretending,” “I hope when death comes”

Laura Celise Lippman, “Honeyguide to Beekeeping”

William Trowbridge, Captain Video, 1952,” “At Military School”

George Staley, “Never”

Roger Netzer, “House Fly”

Jeffrey Kingman, “A Proper Place”

Kate Peper, “Now Is the Season: Loma Alta, California;” “Ode to the Moment When Nothing Happens;” “Memento Mori”

Marjorie Power, “House Not for Sale”

Donna Pucciani, “Gathering”

Stelios Marmoris, “The Apron”

Joanne Holdridge, “Easier Way”

Richard Dinges, “Muskrats”

Terry Godbey, “The Great Tit”, “Early in the Pandemic”

LC Gutierrez “Tortilla de Patatas”

Florence Weinberger, “My God Gets It’s Hard to Get Going”



David Langlinais, “It Happened at Bayou Noir”

Stephen Spicehandler, “In the Way Station”

Daniel Webre, “All the Room There Ever Was”

Gary Fincke, “After the Great War, the Future is Furious”

Robert Peters, “Unfortunate Sun”

Wayne McCray “Lightning Hit Him”

David Salner, “What You Can’t Change: 1961”

Kathleen Wheaton, “A History of the Modern World”

Michael L. Woodruff, “Motels”

Doug Ramspeck, “Into the Snow”



Ron Powers, “Work Jeans”

Laura Hope-Gill, “The Balloon”

Pamela Gaye Walker, “Mom’s Verdict”

Patricia Temple, “Teaching Sisters”

Vicki Nyman, “Anyway in Fall”

Sheira Finch, “Loving David”

Rosalind Kaplan, “Return of the Day”

Christopher Rabley, “Touch Me Strong”

Wei Wang, “Famous”

Joan Lauren Gaustad, “Why We Stay”

Tom Burnham, Memoir:  “At the Shelter,” “Accommodating Trans,” “Juvenile Grifters of the Nixon Era”

Zi Teng Wang, “An Honest Man at the Poker Table,” “Another Incident, Another Time”

Juhee Lee-Hartford, “The Fortune-Teller”

Rae Katz, “I Felt Important”



Brian Heston, Summer Words: New and Selected Poems by David Salner