Laura Celise Lippmann: “Honey Guide to Beekeeping”

It’s the latest craze of the illuminati,

alluring activity, chance romance.

Re-costumed and re-armored

from a quiver of new necessaries:

beesuits, smokes, sticks, andvapors.

Seduced by bees,

buzzing and busy as scrambled thoughts

ricochetingin a lantern jaror circling madly

like black-and-pink-shirted urchins

who stand dumbstruck in bright pink socks

then cluster in playing fields

and merge into a frenzied swarm.

Bee-costumed at Mardi Gras,

big-eyed masks with stingers.

Bee savants––politically correct saviors

of endangered Hymenoptera,re-coddled killers,

recovering from colony collapse

and random ravages.

Guiding the good

like honeyguides promising encores,

leading followersto sumptuous repasts.

Honeyguide, honeyguide, guide me home

the sheep’s in the meadow, the goat’s in the loam

the kale’s in the garden,the berriesare down

the honey, the honey, the honey’s been found.



Laura Celise Lippman’s work has appeared in Avatar Review, Brief Wilderness, The Broken Plate, Chained Muse, Crack the Spine, Crosswinds, El Portal, Evening Street Review, Flights, Hey I’m Alive Magazine, La Presa, Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, Perceptions Magazine, Plainsongs, Pontoon Poetry, Poydras Review, Journal of Family Practice, The Meadow, Neologism Poetry Journal, New English Review, Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders, Spotlong Review, andSynkroniciti. She is a co-author of the book Writing While Masked Reflections of 2020 and Beyond. She attended Bryn Mawr College and received her M.D. from the Medical College of Pennsylvania. She practiced medicine for thirty-seven years and raised two children in the Pacific Northwest. Since retirement, she continues to take poetry courses at Hugo House in Seattle. She enjoys the outdoors and sharing her wonder at the natural world.