Richard Dinges Jr.: “Muskrats”

Muskrats breed from muck

at the bottom of this pond.

Spontaneous generation

is no myth here.

Each year, I hunt and trap

them to extinction.

Each spring another head

parts water in a vee.

Tunnels riddle my shore,

erode my banks,

birth more rats.

Pondside paths

collapse into holes

deep dark wombs

that endanger my peace

of mind, my neatly

laid plans. The dream

that is my pond

descends into twilight

and rats emerge at dawn,

watching and waiting

for my time to pass.




Richard Dinges, Jr. lives and works by a pond among trees and grassland, along with his wife, two dogs, three cats, and ten chickens. SBLAAM, Roanoke Review, Home Planet News, and The Journal most recently accepted his poems for their publications.