Joe Benevento: curriculum vita


Joe Benevento’s book, journal and magazine publications in poetry, fiction and nonfiction:

Poetry: Books: Holding On, Warthog Press, 1996; Willing To Believe, Timberline Press, 2003; My Puerto Rican Past, Ginninderra Press, 2006; Editor, Brief Tracks by Jim Thomas (1930-2009) Truman State University Press, 2009; Tough Guys Don’t Write, Finishing Line Press, 2011; Expecting Songbirds: Selected Poems, 1983-2015, Visual Artists Collective (Purple Flag Imprint), 2015, After, Mouthfeel Press, 2017, Playground, April, 2019, Unsolicited Press; The Cracker Box Poems, Mouthfeel Press, 2023

Over two hundred and fifty poems published with the following journals and anthologies:

The Southeast Review, The Cape Rock, Westview, Amaranth, The Chattahoochee Review, Aura, ripples, The MacGuffin, RE: Arts & Letters, The Gypsy Scholar, The Kindred Spirit, Rambunctious Review, Yet Another Small Magazine, WestWard Quarterly, Late Knocking, Alura, Fennel Stalk, Impetus, Arnazella, Footwork, Z Miscellaneous, The Coe Review, Slipstream, A Carolina Literary Companion, Aileron, The Centennial Review, The Wittenberg Review, Pegasus, Pearl, Poetry Today, Poetry Forum, Riverrun, Tributary, Sulphur River Review, The Plastic Tower, Eclectic Literary Forum, Poetry Motel, Mobius, Java Snob Review, The Burning Cloud Review, Spillway, Heart, Maryland Poetry Review, Paintbrush, Midwest Poetry Review, Mid-America Poetry Review, Hidden Oak Review, The Galley Sail Review, St. Joseph Messenger, Phoenix, The Poet’s Page, Barbaric Yawp, Nomad’s Choir, Blind Man’s Rainbow, Illuminations, Bloodstone, Maelstrom, Potpourri ,The Higginsville Reader, Long Island Quarterly, George and Mertie’s Place, Blood and Fire Review, Haz Mat Review, The Curbstone Review, Now Here Nowhere, Skidrow Penthouse, U.S. Catholic, Thorny Locust, Fox Cry Review, Chase Park, No Experience Required, Ship of Fools, Birmingham Poetry Review, The Old Red Kimono, Miller’s Pond, Nanny Fanny, Subway Anthology (P&Q Press), Visiting Walt (anthology of top 100 poems about Walt Whitman, U. of Iowa Press), Main Street Rag, Heliotrope, Iodine, Icon, The Formalist, St. Joseph Messenger, The Homestead Review, Thrift, Open Spaces Quarterly, Red, White and Blues (anthology, U. of Iowa Press) Into the Teeth of the Wind, Studio One, Lime Green Bulldozers, Rive Gauche, Slant, Wordwrights, Amoskaeg, Red Hawk Review, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Anglican Theological Review, New Mexico Poetry Review, Words & Whispers, Common Ground, The Coachella Review, Picayune Magazine, Steam Ticket, Trajectory, Concho River Review, Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Sleet Magazine, Bluestem, Front Range Review, San Pedro River Review, ABZ, Mochila Review, Inkwell, Cold Mountain Review, Rockhurst Review, The Oklahoma Review, Blue Collar Review, Naugatuck River Review, Two Hawks Quarterly, I-70 Review, 2River, Epiphany, Botticelli Literary Magazine, Diverse Voices Quarterly, The Potomac, The Blue Pen, The Meadow, AETHLON, Poetry Pacific, Better Than Starbucks, Switchback, Italian Americana, Pilgrim, Dappled Things, The Lake, The Great American Poetry Show, Cacti Fur, Calliope, Rabid Oak, Last Stanza, Oakwood, Tipton Poetry Journal, Verdad, Waterwheel, The Wax Paper, Schuykill Literary Journal, Fresh Words Magazine, Amethyst, Agape, Taj Mahal Review, Failbetter

Fiction: Books: Plumbing In Harlem, Independence Books, 2003; The Odd Squad, Behler Publications, 2005; Some of My Best Friends and Other Fictions, Lewis-Clark Press, 2008; The Monsignor’s Wife, Moonshine Cove Publishing, 2013; Saving Saint Teresa, Black Opal Press, 2015, Kiss of the Moonflower, October, 2020, Black Opal Books, My Perfect Wife, Her Perfect Son, Addison & Highsmith Imprint of Histria Books, 2023.

Forty short stories published in the following journals: The Chariton Review, The Chattahoochee Review, ripples, Lite, Il Caffé, The MacGuffin, Inside Joke, Wisconsin Review, RE:Arts & Letters, Slipstream, Stellanova, Chiricú, Single Scene, The Evansville Review, AETHLON, Timber Creek Review, Magic Realism, Eureka Literary Magazine, Bilingual Review, Margin: Exploring Magic Realism, Potpourri, Emrys Journal, Something To Read, Karamu, Red Wheelbarrow, Artisan, St. Anthony Messenger, Riverwind, Word Is Bond, Tartss:Incisive Fiction from Emerging Writers (anthology, Swallow’s Tale Press, two years), South Dakota Review, Evening Street Review, Untamed Ink, SLAB

Nonfiction: Essays and reviews on such topics as American literature, Latin American literature, publishing, fiction writing, poetry, memoir and baseball in the following places:

Poets & Writers, Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, Calamus, Margin: Exploring Magic Realism, Kansas Quarterly, New Mexico Humanities Review, Ragtyme Sports, Twentieth Century Literary Criticism, The Catholic Missourian, Oracle, Kansas City Voices, New York Observer, Prairie Schooner, New Letters