Larry D. Thomas: “Dust”

In Sierra Blanca, in far West Texas,

even the preachers regard their lives

as but its hourglass.


They stand inside the picture windows

of their living rooms,

and stare outside at storms of it


so violent one standing there

can’t even see his own feet.

They take little comfort in the windows


shielding them from the dull

red fury of its storms.

They know all too well


that glass itself is but sand:

melted, cooled and masked

in the crystalline guise of safety.



Larry D. Thomas, a member of the Texas Institute of Letters and the 2008 Texas Poet Laureate, is a longtime contributor to the Green Hills Literary Lantern. He has published twenty-three print books of poetry and numerousonline chapbooks. Thomas was the featured poet of the February 2021 issue of the Delta Poetry Review. His poetry and fiction have recently appeared or are forthcoming in the Arkansas Review, Valley Voices: A Literary Review, Concho River Review, Voices de la Luna, Review Americana, and elsewhere. He resides in the Chihuahuan Desert of southwestern New Mexico.