Missouri Snowscape, by Loribeth Ford Jarrell




Adam Brooke Davis “Preface to Volume XXXIII”




Robert Fanning    “If Song Was the Aim”

Rebecca Foust    “five o’clock blow on the cape”

Benjamin Nash    “Smokers”

Amy Kang    “Ouroboros”

Allie Wisniewski    “Looking Away,”     “Thinking About a Funny Thing”

Larry D. Thomas    “As Night Falls”

William Cordeiro    “San Sebastián del Oeste”

T.N. Turner    “Private Conversation”

Gershon Ben-Avraham    “The House Where He Once Lived”

Charles Rammelkamp    “The Afterlife”     “Public Service Initiative”

Holly Day    “On the Wind”

Elaine Morse Kaven    “Practical Goddess”

James Croal Jackson    “Photonics”

Diarmuid ó Maolalaí    “Herbs and Flowers”

Cecil Morris    “Their Perfect Mother”     “Self Portrait”

Bob Schildgen    “Aging Accordion Paper”

Erin Wilson    “Non Sum Qualis Eram”

Cathy Porter    “Waiting for After”

Max Gutmann    “Ghosting”





William Cass    “Wounds”

Susan Taylor Chehak    “Ursine”

Natascha Graham    “A Terrible Thing Has Happened”

Wayne McCray    “Meeting Homeless”

Rin Kelly    “Kahlo”

Ann Vandenberg    “Sol 3013”

Patricia Temple    “A Stranger Came”

Nancy Ford Dugan    “Out of the Box”

Jean M. Kane    “Trap House”

Andrija Matic    “The Symmetry of Chaos”

Gary Fincke    “The Geography of Ridicule”




Catherine Bell    “Indecent Exposure”

Yichun Jiang    “One Day”

Jeffrey A. Lockwood    “Staying in Touch”

Wei Wang    “Pretty”

Mahmoodah Temitope Oyeleye    “The Letters Dance”