The House Where He Once Lived

(a version of this poem first appeared in The Deronda Review, Vol. IX No. 2; reprinted by permission)
The house, where he once lived, stands empty.
He wonders if its rooms remember 
his son’s singing, his daughter’s laughter; 
if pink and white azaleas still line 
stone steps to purple lilacs planted 
by his young children for their mother; 
if roses seeded for a loved dog 
will bloom in spring. 
He sees the setting sun, 
the coming darkness; 
aims memory’s lamp at dusk, 
carefully tending its wick.


Gershon Ben-Avraham writes poetry and short stories. Kelsay Books published his poetry chapbook God’s Memory in 2021. Ben-Avraham holds an MA in Philosophy (Aesthetics) from Temple University.