Private Conversation





T.N. Turner lives part-time in China, part-time in US. He attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in the wild 1960’s, turned on-dropped out after four years, and wandered like Odysseus ten years, working at factories, janitor jobs, lumber mills, a paper mill, and driving a delivery truck. He then returned to the university, graduated in Computer Science, and worked in Information Technology for 35 years.

Mr. Turner has poems published in Haydens Ferry Review, Texas Review, Chattahoochee Review, MacGuffin, Portland Review, Pennsylvania English, Wisconsin Academy Review, Soundings East, Plainsongs, The Chaffin Journal, and others.

His book, Portraits of Poets Past, was published by Potpourri (Kansas, 1994). His chapbook, Eighteen Early Poems was published by “Poetic Page” (Michigan, 1996).