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Preface: Volume XXXII 



Brian Heston, “The Sound of the Dog Drinking from the Toilet, the Beating of my Heart”; “Poem With a UFO Passing Through It”

Johanna Caton, “A Bit Like a Prayer”

Simon Perchik, “You Come Here to Sort the Cold”

Mahak Goyal, “Privilege”

Florence Weinberger, “Couples Not Speaking To Each Other in Restaurants”

Dwayne Barrick, “Honeysuckle”

Larry D. Thomas, “The Scotsman”

Richard Dinges, “Business of Clothing”

Cynthia Good, “My Father’s Father”; “Muscle and Bone”

Dora Rollins, “My Cat is Losing Her Hair”

Joanne Holdridge, “Fellow Travelers”

Barbara Daniels, “Field Guide to Meadows in Winter”

Matthew Brennan, “Late Summer, Strolling by a Neighbor’s Garden”

Mark Belair, “Her Final Act”

Claudia Schatz “Little Song”

Lee Slonimsky, “The Craft of Water and Light”

Shannon Cuthbert, “Imposters”

Will Reger, “Ten Seconds in July”

Clay Waters “I Sleep in a Crooked Bed”

Barbara Brooks, “Winter”

Joey Nicoletti, “To Mookie Wilson”; “To John Pacella”; “To Rusty Staub”

Mark D. Bennion, “To the Prank Call”

Jennifer McClellan, “The Kitchen’s a Mess”

Abby Caplin, “My Romance With the Black Wool Coat”

Slobodanka L. Strauss, “Immigration at Nine”

Doug Ramspeck, “Still Life With Horses”

Max Gutmann “Killing Myself”; “The Deep End”

David James, “All Things”; “Doing My Small Part”



Ron L. Dowell, AFIXA™

Patricia Temple, “Starlings”

Jeff Burt, “Shipwreck”

L.L. Babb, Fahrvergnügen

Erin Rose Belair, “Baby Calls It Home”

Robert Granader, “A Parking Lot in the Q”

David Langlinais, “Getting Even”

Gary Fincke, “Secrets”

Bob Beach, “The In-Between Hour”

Andrea Wiedermann Davis “Die Drei Grazien”

Karl Harshbarger, “A Matter of Principle”

Rosalia Scalia, “Boom Boom Becky’s Bakery Rises”

Peter Obourn, “An Iowa Story”

Cécile Barlier, “My Husband’s Hands”


Nonfiction and Reviews

Fabrizia Faustinella, “Synaptic Interferences”

Susan Eve Haar, “1/2021: Unfortunate Nights”

Éanlaí Cronin, “The First Goodbye”

Douglas Cole, “The Mortal Mind Thinking Deathless Things”

Jeffrey A. Lockwood, “Motherland”

Roger Salloch, “The Final Touch”

Alex McPherson: review of David Salner, A Place to Hide

Kimberly Ramos: Review of Rebecca Foust’s The Unexploded Ordnance Bin

Jack Smith: review of Robert McBrearty’s “When I Can’t Sleep”; Walter Cummins’s Death Cancer Madness Meaning; Peter Selgin’sThe Kuhreihen Melody: nostalgic essays by Peter Selgin