My Cat is Losing Her Hair


My cat is losing her hair


She grabs mouthfuls and pulls


sings a feline phonics


only she can teach


with bared comma claws


that get stuck on pause



like that day under my desk


after the review came in


and it said I had a problem


with authority and all I could see


was pilled carpet and lint balls and periods



All I could hear was steps


outside my closed door


fluorescent light sliding through


to notches on an empty highway


air brakes just around the corner



Dora Rollins teaches creative writing in the Tucson, Arizona, state prison where her students are also writing colleagues. She serves as an Associate Editor for the 50-year-old incarceration-focused Rain Shadow Review literary magazine. She has been published in Wordpeace, the Corvus Review, Right Hand Pointing, Borrowed Solace, and Iron City Magazine.