Reach. Stretch. Jump.

My palms graze the green skin

of the obstinate mango.

“Next time,” I taunt

before heading home.


I look at the tree from the

balcony of my house.


Another girl, dressed in a

turquoise frock, points

to my mango. The king lifts

his princess, her hands

pull what was mine.


Her loud laughter

is planted in my mind.




A Computer Science Engineer with a Masters in Management from Imperial College London, Mehak Goyal ran a couple of profitable start-ups before committing herself to becoming a full-time writer. Her writings have appeared or are forthcoming in  (India),  ANGLES, The Woman Who Roar, Muse India, The Alipore Post (India), Pure Slush (Australia) and elsewhere. She is working on her first poetry collection. Follow her on IG @poetic_quill.