Volume 25

GHLL XXV (2014)

555536_859145274182_424042173_nCover photo: Sleeping Beetle

The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Volume 25, Copyright ©2014 by Truman State University


Adam Brooke Davis Preface to Volume XXV


Douglas Sovern The Blogger Wolf
Thomas J. Rice The Night of the Arabian
Juned Subhan Strangers
Iromie Weeramantry Thugs
Jennifer Juneau Fast Food Horrors
Lauren Eyler Detail of the Last Supper
David P. Langlinais Trawling
Dennis Vannatta Zeuxis
Lucille Lang Day The Painter
Janet Benton For Objects Do Sustain
Wendy J. Fox In the Northern Hemisphere
Grant Flint Naked
Jean Hart The Mistake
Maggie Nicholson Salve for Black Hands
Grant Tracey Written on the Sky
Daren Dean Bad Company
Karl Harshbarger Gentlemen Songsters
Dave Barrett Frank Ames’ Restore America Tour
Bill Oliver Lame
Andrea DeAngelis The Audition


Allison Berry Baby Aubade
James B. Nicola Belief
David Lawrence Ribbons
Larry D. Thomas Puma, Cougar, Panther, Mountain Lion
Emily Benson-Scott Here
David Thornbrugh Seen on a Young Woman’s Chest
Fred Yannantuano Blade
Carla Barger Upon My 40th Spring
Lee Slonimsky Shudder
The Worrier
The Giddy Triumph of Dank
Jim Daniels Stockholm Rock
First Hummingbird
Polly Buckingham Morning Wash
After You’re Gone
Clarence Wolfshohl Borders Have Two Sides
The Old Harbor Town of Belém
Susannah Lawrence Keeping
Mary Soon Lee Yours
Roger Netzer What the General Knew
My Father, Desperate
Edward Rogers rsvp
Cathy Porter Clocked In
Mark Belair Reflections
The Watch
Joan Payne Kincaid Ribbon of Deranged Alphabet
Holly Day Revision
Christine Graf Soul Phone
Lee Rossi Leandro X Rossi, 1910-1994
Richard Dinges Reading Obituaries


Richard Kostelanetz from Kosti’s Ramón II
Fernando Manibog Violeta
Marilee Robin Burton Wild Horses
Josh True The Strays
David Salner The Death of Conrad’s Helmsman




Joe Benevento Keetje Kuipers: The Keys to The Jail;Terry Godbey: Hold Still; Lee Slonimsky: Wandering Electron
Adam Brooke Davis Joe Benevento: The Monsignor’s Wife
Adam Brooke Davis Erin Flanagan: It’s Not Going to Kill You
Adam Brooke Davis Robert McBrearty:
Let the Birds Drink in Peace