Volume 26

GHLL XXVI (2015)


Mothball Fleet, Jamaica Queens. ©2015 DRO Photography

The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Volume 26, Copyright ©2015 by Truman State University


Joe Benevento Dedication
Adam Brooke Davis Preface to Volume XXVI


Victoria Melekian NormalOnce I Was Young and Obedient
Mary Soon Lee OvationA Reader’s Primer

Eating Under the Sky

Claudia Putnam End Times
David Lawrence I am a Tripod
Cameron Barnett Firefly
Kevin Casey Cleaning Out the Cultch Drawer
Cathy Porter Until Further NoticeDecorations
Clifford Paul Fetters August Poetry
Heather Angier Compost
Greg Moglia Elvis at the Dunkin Donuts
Mike Faran Shotgun
Mark Belair Mounds
Elizabeth Howard One Woman Show
Fred Yannantuono Triple VirginHigh Finance
Larry D. Thomas Even the Roses Are Ill
Rebecca Foust How to Live, Reprise
Dian Duchin Reed The Body PoliticAbsent Fathers
David Wright Gertrude Stein’s and Walt Whitman’s Wild Night of Love
Janice Ball Dinner in Bed
Mary Louise Hotlen Leavings
Lisa Meserole Red-shouldered Hawk
Lee Slonimsky Carbon Molecule TestimonyThe Noble Savage
Yvonne Higgins Leach Why I Am Complete
James Valvis Shooting the M16 Rifle at the RangeThe Evil of Banality
James Norcliffe There are times I feel like the egg
Joey Nicoletti 1980 Future Stars
Andrew Vogel Good Land


Richard Herring Opening Day
Lawrence F. Farrar Sightings
Margaret Hermes Dedicated
Walter Cummins Kaiser-Frazer
Andrew Jameson King Mackerel
Evelyn Somers The Ages and Books of Dead Explorers
Stephen Lewis And the King Knew Her Not
Larry E. Graham The Typewriter Downstairs
MaryEllen Beveridge One Eye on the Fire
Robert Kerbeck Sex, Rugs and Rock and Roll
Karl Harshbarger Dead Man’s CurveThe Toy Store
Gary Fincke Pentecost
Dennis Vannatta Great Jack Stout
Amy Neeren Vitamin A


Herb Jordan A Seat at The Window
Alan Linton Supper
Iwona Partyka Morphine


Shawn Bodden Steven Wingate’s Thirty-One Octets

James B. Nicholas Manhattan PlazaJoe BeneventoRebecca Foust’s Paradise Drive

Jason Tandon’s Quality of LifeAdam Brooke DavisJoe Benevento’s Saving St. Teresa

Catherine Bell’s Rush of Shadows


Jack Smith Karl Harshbarger

Mark Wisniewski