Volume 14

Cover ArtGreen Hills Literary Lantern XIV (2003)

Cover Painting:
“Cat Chaos” by Juliann Jones, 2003, 20×20 inches on wood panel, casein medium.

Cover Design:
Pete Anger, Helios Studio, Columbia, MO


The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Volume 14, Copyright ©2003 by Truman State University




Dewitt Henry Dress Rehearsal
Midge Raymond Cleaning House
Doug Rennie Remembering Little Charlie
Ian MacMillan The House of Correlatives
Walter Cummings Homemaking
Kristin Sommerville Curb Appeal
Jennie Rathbun Lark Ascending
Lily Gardner Beach Time
Ryan G. Van Cleeve Old Sport
Edmund de Chasca The Lady of Altwater
Valerie Ann Leff The Second Most Important Woman in History
Karl Harshbarger The Snow Owl
Cara Davis What You Wish For
Daisy Tsui Mrs. Wu
George Rabasa Fallen Coconuts and Dead Fish
Jacqueline Hardy The Mustard Seed
Gerald Irving Lovestruck
Grant Tracey Come On, You’re Dead


Deanne Bayer Surrogates
Julie Lechevsky Supplicant
Melissa Leaf Nelson Inlay
Todd Possehl The Middle Way
Leo Slonimisky Gecko
Francine Marie Tolf Some Girls
Lisa Alexander Baron Oranges
Anselm Brocki Bombing
M.S. Greenberg A Man Asked Me Why I Liked That Painting by Walt Kuhn
David Thornbrugh Retro Styling
Susan Rolston When Geese Dream
Faith Gardner Starving
James Doyle The Face of Jes~s in Soup
Reid Bush Afternoon
Hadara Bar-Nadav Prayer to a White Ceiling
Natasha M. Marvin Confessing
Steven Lapinsky Hatchet Fish
Ariana-Sophia M. Kartsonis Any Old Miracle
Philip Dacey His Son Walks On Hot Coals
Susan Rich Early Impressions, Not a Prayer
Trish Lapidus Poems for Buttercup
Terry Song At Grandma’s Rose Garden Inn
Francine Marie Tolf Some Girls, Foster Beach, December
Frederick Zydeck Visions of a Silver Sea
Julie Lechevsky Supplicant
William Jolliff Cultivating the End Rows
Sharon Doyle The Garden 1949
Justin Evans Outside My Gramdmother’s Window
Sholeh Wolpe Two Women at the Zurich Railway Station
Matthew Brennan Memorial Field, 1973
Susan Grigsby The Sometimes Sunday Affair
Jennifer Gresham Phosphorescence
Lee Slonimisky Gecko
Jim Thomas Questions of Freedom


Terry O’Shaughnessy A Review of Louise Domaratius’s Gadji
Shannin Schroeder A Review of Joe Benevento’s Plumbing in Harlem
Ted Frushour A Review of Roger Craik’s I Simply Stared