Green Hills Literary Lantern



Ode to a Magic 8 Ball


O black globe full of future

Eyeless oracle of Mattel

I love your glossy ebon orb

the ink-dark fluid of tomorrow

where random prophecy swims


Magic 8-Ball, will I pass the algebra test?

            My reply is no.


Inky egg laid in the 1940's,

brainchild of Albert Carter

you took your place among

the great toys of my youth:

Play-Doh, Lego, G.I. Joe, and Jarts


Magic 8-Ball, does Mindy Worther like me?

            Reply hazy, try again.


Who can pass you by without

consulting your prophetic inner

Icosahedron? You are the cornerless

Cassandra, the diametered Delphi,

the spherical Sybil!


O Great 8-Ball of Timeless Wisdom, is there

life after death?


            Better not tell you now.



Keith Welch lives in Bloomington, Indiana where he works at the Indiana University‚Äôs Herman B Wells library. He has poems published in The Tipton Poetry Journal, Open: Journal of Arts & Letters, Dime Show Review, and Literary Orphans, among others. He enjoys complicated board games, baking, talking to his cat, Alice, and meeting other poets. His website is   On Twitter: @TheBloomington1