Green Hills Literary Lantern







First full chorus of mid-summer:



toward autumn.


White-patched rabbit skips

across the road.


Late July,

and the sharpest rays

of midmorning sun

trace the shadows of gnarled,

leaf-weighed branches

across the drought-dry creekbed

you trudge along in the heat.


Make swimming motions

with your arms.


They seem to only draw flies.


Hot rays glaze

the ancient, stream-rounded pebbles

that, soon enough,

will be encased in ice.



Lee Slonimsky’s latest poetry collection, Tibbetts Brook Park, 1953, his ninth, was published last September by Spuyten Duyvil Press.  His 2007 sonnet sequence, Pythagoras in Love, translated by Greek National Poetry Award winner Stamatis Polenakis, will be published in Greece in 2020 by Enypnion.  Lee is a socially conscious hedge fund manager with a special interest in the humane treatment of animals.