Green Hills Literary Lantern




An Offer


I am not empty, lonely, or needy,

I am full up, spilling over

and I want to wash over you.

Lips and fingertips will read you,

from brow to arch to opening.

You are not mine.

Stay your course; there’s a rest stop here,

with a scenic view giving you

a way out of yourself,

through pulse, breath, and silence.

Aphrodite, give me three more days until morning!

I am not empty, lonely, or needy,

I am full up, spilling over;

there’s more than enough to go around,

and I don’t want to collect the leftovers.

Every corner, every curve,

to mountain, valley, canal,

high tide, low tide,

side by side ecstatic.

Moonlight breaths scent the silky layers

between ledges and crooks.

I want to spend myself,

call the tune and get away whole.





Valerie Griggs earned an MFA in Creative Writing at Brooklyn College, studying with John Ashbury and William Matthews. She taught English in the People’s Republic of China. Besides poetry, she’s published inspirational articles in Alive Now! and devotionals with The Upper Room. As a singer/song writer, she has recorded three original music CDs.