Green Hills Literary Lantern







you find yourself living in some style of future

where cars have lost their hips and chrome and lust and

line the streets like sad plastic baby shoes

and there might be hope but you can’t feel it anymore

and you’re afraid you might not recognize beauty

if such a thing were to even still exist


but then, with a tough working-class attitude

you know instantly

upon hearing him for the first time

that Luciano Pavarotti was the greatest tenor to ever live

or will ever live- come hell or otherwise


and if you could live forever

you would never consider what it meant to be alive

blood would just pump and pump and

there might be a thousand Pavarottis to choose from

a curse not unlike buying soap at Target

then the accountants would find a way

to remove their chrome too


Jason Boling is a member of the Writers’ League of Texas and dreams of a world where cowards are shamed, art is rewarded, and jobs are optional. He writes short fiction and poetry using the pen name Jon Fotch. His work has appeared in Avatar Review, Carbon Culture Review, Euphony Journal, Menda City Review, Mudlark, Whistling Shade and is forthcoming in Litbreak Magazine. He lives in Austin TX.