Green Hills Literary Lantern


GHLL XXX (2019)


Rocky Comfort School 1940


Rocky Comfort School, 1940. Photo courtesy Fields' Photo Archives, Barry County Museum, Cassville, MO.





Adam Brooke Davis Preface to Volume XXX


M. Nasorri Pavone Quake at the Cathedral
Sunrise at Inspiration Point
Juanita Rey Your Daughter from Afar
David Rogers If
Possible First Lines of

 a Novel
Tessa McLean Nandawenjige
Holly Day When We First
Donna L. Emerson Living Language
Margaret Morrill Playing Catch with Watermelon
My Brother's Guitar
C.S. Fuqua Estate Sale
Walter Odom A Few of my Favorite Things
Robert Stout Retrogression
Frank C. Modica 1965
Susie Gharib A Medievalist
Patty Dickson Piescka His Voice
Larry D. Thomas Skeleton Key
Mark Belair Yellow Boots
The Trail
Lisa Meserole Many Glacier, Montana
In a Corner of Edwin's Study
Fred Yannantuono Dinner in America
Simon Perchik (untitled)
Bob Elmendorf Northwest Passage
Lee Slonimsky 85%
Jessica Mehta (untitled)
Cathy Porter Dunsville is Hiring
Long Overdue
Sean Lause Imagination Longing
David Lawrence Butterfly Poem
Thomas Dorsett Forty Years in Roland Park
Roy Conboy Grinning Man South of Market
Katie Hoerth Self Portrait as a Coppice of Bluebonnets




Karl Harshbarger The 91st Psalm
William Cass The Die is Cast
Ryan McFadden Notes from the Tradeshow Floor
David P. Langlinais Dale's and Yvette's
Chukwukere Nwovike The Hood
Doug Ramspeck Glory
Maggie Harrison Toothmarks
Valery Krupnik Narita
N. Marc Mullin Yahrzeit
Anoop Judge Grace and Mercy
Deborah S. Prespare Beautiful as a Can
Laura Maylene Walter Funeral Arrangements
Gillian Sure Stop Tickling Me
David Salner A Gentile at Shalom
Timothy Reilly The Flying Dutchman
Grace Glass Westview Liquors
Saramanda Swigart White China
 Marlene Molinoff Rings
Don Stoll The Whale
Gary Fincke Not Enough to Fall
Michael Washburn Age of Yearning
Patricia Temple Church Candy


Essay: Jim Krosschell Balance
Memoir: Thomas Rice The Last Laugh
Witness: Thomas Burnham Life and Death Along the River
Performance: Kathleen Zamboni McCormick Mikimoto Mama


Kasey Perkins What Loss Taught Me, Stephen Furlong
Joe Benevento

Sujash Purna, Biriyani

Holly Day, Into the Cracks

Michael Onofrey, Sightseeing

Larry D. Thomas, In a Field of Cotton: Mississippi River Delta Poems