Green Hills Literary Lantern




You didn’t mean to slap, but there she lies, inert:

your tiny colleague in the art of life.

Gnat, whose inner life’s a mystery

except for thoughts like “sun” and “hover,”


The instant that it took to smash her

could well have been much better spent

on simply breathing.

Blood, a tiny speck, glints now,

85% the same as yours;

as sun begins its afternoon decline.

Lee Slonimsky has poems recent or forthcoming in Blueline, Miller’s Pond, and Muddy River Poetry Review; his most recent collection is Lion, Gnat from Spuyten Duyvil Press (2017).  The Greek poet Stamatis Polenakis is translating Lee’s sonnet sequence Pythagoras in Love into Greek.  He is slated to deliver a talk on Pythagoras’s influence on Petrarch, John Keats, and other poets at the Keats/Shelley House in Rome in 2019.