Green Hills Literary Lantern


Playing Catch With Watermelons


Among those in line at the grocery store

Is a couple no longer young, he standing

In front of their cart, and she behind it,

Accompanied by her faithful servant,

The small portable tank of oxygen.

Suddenly she plucks from the cart


A small watermelon, and then

Her face full of mischief, tosses it

To her husband.  “Hey, catch!”

He grins, tosses it back, and the game

Continues for a moment until they cash out.

They head for the doors then,

Both pushing the cart, shoulders touching,


And riding along is the watermelon,

A round, green and cheerful beacon,

A charm I wish I could touch

Even once for luck. For luck.




My Brother’s Guitar


For Larry


I like to hear my brother’s guitar,

Especially late at night,


And I like seeing the guitars he makes,

The wood shaping under his hands,


With songs yet unsung

Gathering there,


And I like knowing that when he plays,

The house, even in its silence


Sings, and in the summer

When the songs float through


The open windows

Into goldspun air,


I like to think that someone outside

Who has plodded on for years


In gray forgetfulness,

May hear, and stand still,


Saying to themselves,

I remember, I remember,


And as evening comes

And colors deepen


In earth and sky,

The first stars come,

Then the dark becomes a song.


All this from my brother’s guitar.




Margaret Morrill began writing poetry in the 1980’s, and owes a debt of gratitude to the University of New Hampshire writing program and to fellow poets for their suggestions over the years, including a group that met monthly at Harvey Shepard’s house in Exeter NH to workshop poems and share ideas.  Her poetry has been published in The Red Brick Review, Plainsongs, The Portsmouth Herald, The 2008 Poets Guide to New Hampshire, 5 Garden Lane, Compass Rose, The Lit Fuse, and Victory Park, a journal of the NH Institute of Art.

Morrill lives in Concord, New Hampshire and has recently retired from a career in the field of health and human services.  Her brother Larry and sister Anne live nearby.  Apart from writing, other interests include reading, contra dancing, theater, attempting Italian cooking, visits to the planetarium, and the care and feeding of large basset hounds.