Green Hills Literary Lantern



The same Chippewa word is used both for flirting and hunting game, while another Chippewa word connotes both using force in intercourse and also killing a bear with one’s bare hands.

                                                                             -R. W. Dunning, Social and Economic Change Among the Northern Ojibwa (1959)



Am I to evade your advances,

hide in brush, blink my doe eyes

shut? Cover the white of my rear

and breathe silently,

tease you into believing you have control?


I smell the iron of your hand,

feel you searching for me as prey.

Hoping to hold me captive,

devour me,

a trophy kill wife.


Yet I hold the ability to captivate

even you, lower your rifle,

unbind my wrists and bind your mind,

force on the safety

of your one-track pre-cocked brain.


I am silent.

I tell you all you need to hear.

You invent my words to your liking

out of hate-stained-stares.

Yet I leave you


always needing more.

I see you track me still

at night when I wander.

Try to decipher toe from hoof,

I always escape, watching.


It is you I lure into the jacklight.

You I hunt,

You the prey

snared by man’s desire,

My capture, my trophy kill.






Tessa McLean studied English at Truman State University where she spent a lot of time focusing on her writing. She draws inspiration from her travels, experiences with trauma and loss, and the creative prose of others. Currently, she lives in Hannibal, Missouri where she spends her time with family and working on the creation of her first chapbook.