Green Hills Literary Lantern


Butterfly Poem



I am looking for meaning in a glass jar but all I find is butterflies that I caught when I was young.


I break the glass so that I can find the vastness of unrestricted space on the lawn I had in East Meadow but no longer have.


Time passes like a glow and disappears like a light in the night at the moment I become blind.


What I remember about the past is that it might not have happened and I am tethered to distance because it is receding.


I once was young.  I think.  Maybe I wasn’t.  Maybe it was all a dream that spread the drizzle to see through the rain and accommodate itself to the hidden sunshine.


I wonder how many years I have left to go.  I am seventy.  Some of my friends and many of the movie stars are dead with dog biscuits in their mouths.


Can my wife bench me to this planet so that I continue to be the football player that they only call in for the big play?


Muhammed Ali floated like a butterfly.  In my first pro fight in Denver I fell down like a load of death.





David Lawrence has published over a thousand poems. Lane Changes came out in November 2007 from Four Way Books. His documentary, "Boxer Rebellion," about his boxing career, played at Sundance Film Festival. Just before launch, David wrote: "my new memoir, The King of White Collar Boxing, has just been published by Rain Mountain Press and is available on Amazon. It covers my turning pro in later life and ending up in jail for tax evasion." His most recent books are Living on Madison Avenue by Future Cycle Books and On Jail: The Essays by Prison Foundations and on Amazon.