Green Hills Literary Lantern


A Medievalist



Our history books have deprecated

The Dark Ages as a blemish on Europe’s face,

So medieval has become synonymous with disgrace.


Suffused with Arthurian leitmotifs,

My English studies have made me unearth

A few relics from the medieval realm

With which I have become inordinately enamored:

The sacramental in every erected stone,

Mysticism, ethics, and the chivalric code,

Illuminated manuscripts and the scholastic mode,

Assisi’s fraternity with the animate world,

And salvation from the spiritual void.







Dr. Susie Gharib is a graduate of the University of Strathclyde. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in Adelaide Literary Magazine, The Curlew, The Ink Pantry, A New Ulster, Down in the Dirt, the Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Mad Swirl, and The Opiate.