Green Hills Literary Lantern


GHLL XIX (2018)

lebeau art crop 

mixed media: ink, watercolor, acrylic paint and silver paper on Yupo paper

Directives for Temptation

You must put it out of your mind

as impossible, like the stuffed animal

in the claw machine at the mall. No one

ever wins, but if by some happenstance

of gravity, timing, and luck, that orange

octopus slides into the three-pronged hand

and manages to stay all the way

to the exit trap then falls into your cupped

palms, matted like the neighbor’s cat

and as dusty as the candy on the back

shelf of the all-night pharmacy, that sea

creature will either be the grandest

specimen you’ve ever procured

or a grotesqueness beyond your tar dark

dreams, even while its fur tickles and warms

your face as you carry it home.


Marcia LeBeau's poem appeared in the last volume (XXVIII) and earned a Pushcart Prize nomination -- not her first. We gladly republish it, with the accompanying original illustration by the author. Her work has appeared in Rattle, Moon City Review, SLANT and elsewhere. She holds an MFA in poetry from the Vermont College of Fine Arts.


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