Green Hills Literary Lantern









The lit window:


it can mean everything,


on an otherwise dark street,

slit by the pale bone light

of a scimitar moon.


Your heart scurries

like a mouse in the shadows

at the thought of going home here

after so long,


and yet, the evening shortens;

an owl leaps across the moon.


Then inner excitement sounds like thunder

over the cement tundra.

Your heart cannot restrain itself:

you open the door to the stairs

above which a light bulb burns,


and you lean into always.





Lee Slonimsky’s eighth collection is Lion, Gnat from Spuyten Duyvil Press, published in September 2017.  Past work has appeared in Best of Asheville Poetry Review, The Carolina Quarterly, The New York Times, Poetry Daily, and North Dakota Quarterly.  When not writing poetry he manages a New York City based hedge fund, Ocean Partners LP.