Green Hills Literary Lantern



Sleaked By Ocean



For so it is proper to find value

In a bleak skill

– Geoffrey Hill



There is a man who hesitates to declare

his love.  He is like most men, yet different,

he thinks, less foolish, more deftly hurt.


His reticence is a sign, like glyphs

sleaked by ocean in a snag

bleached by tides.  He wishes his sins


more carnal, more venereal

but will settle for sins of the imagination

as if they were transgression enough


to lift him to some place beyond desire,

somewhere desire might be studied

and teach, as if it were wholly satisfied.







Lee Rossi’s newest book, Darwin’s Garden, will be released in early 2019 by Moon Tide Press. His poems have appeared in The Southern Review and The Southwest Review, as well as dozens of other venues. You can find his interviews and reviews at   and