Green Hills Literary Lantern



Squats Upper Cuts and Techno  Music



Fall in line

With synchronized movement.

     Working through a bag of chips


She posts photos of her meals.

At the beach where I came to escape.

     A Personal Trainer uses the sidewalk


As a gym for a woman in red too short shorts

Doing bend overs saying hello to passers-by

     Who came to escape the nonsense of life.


Without tasting chew your half of Pastrami on rye.

Why doesn’t she work- out in her living room?

     The PT watches the Sound while her protégée


Pitches balls

On the boardwalk

     You have to make it visible, she said.







Joan Payne Kincaid’s latest book is Being Here: New and Selected Poems 1988-2012. Also available:  Starting Now: New and Selected Poems: 1983-201 Additionally,  she has published a  volume online with John M. Bennett: NOWBLANKSKYKincaidBennett.doc