Green Hills Literary Lantern



Half-stumbling from Bayside to  Flushing



heart too swollen for body

again, then a jazz sax


on apartment balcony

tongues my extra blood


against his reed, fingers

contractions into keys,


and blows the melody

I didn’t know held me


prisoner out the dark

golden bell of his horn




J.M.Hall is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at CUNY, Queensborough.  Since earning his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University, his academic publications include a coedited anthology on philosophical practices in the prison system (entitled Philosophy Imprisoned) and forty peer-reviewed journal articles (including in Oxford University's Essays in Criticism and Southern Literary Journal).  His related work in the arts includes one chapbook collection and numerous poems in literary journals (including multiple Pushcart Prize-winners Ibbetson St. Magazine, Main Street Rag and Shampoo), and twenty years’ experience as a choreographer and dancer.