Green Hills Literary Lantern



Moments from the Inside of the Glass


Someone’s drinking it all in.


the way the ball hits

the backboard and falls flat.

The way the flowers face the

Sun and follow it all day. And

when the ball rolls across

the squares of cement that are crumbling at the

corners and edges, and into, on, over, through

the bed that houses the daisies

the crickets quiet down.

A boy of eleven pulls the stems upward

to simulate life, to fool his mother who is watching and

laughing from behind the glass in the bay window inside the teal split-level

wearing a flour covered flowered apron.

But the boy does not hear her laughing and

his panic sets in as the flowers fall flat again

and again and again until the yellow flood light flickers

on above the backboard.





Peter Faziani is a PhD Candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is currently teaching at Jackson College. He is the founding editor of Red Flag Poetry. His work has been published by Rising Phoenix Review, Silver Birch Press, Sandy River Review, The Tau, Ocean State Review, and others. He has forthcoming work in The Qua and Garfield Lake Review. His first collection of poetry, Warning Shots, was published by Words Dance publishing in 2017.