Green Hills Literary Lantern



She Said We Had Soap-Scum Buildup


This was the first time that I

realized that we were truly married  -

a seal-the-deal moment


She wrapped a towel around her hips

& vanished into the bedroom

while I sat drinking


beer in the kitchen.  My big hound

stared at me with

question-mark eyes


wondering if he’d done anything


I wondered the same


Neither of us ever heard of soap-scum

build-up, but

it sounded like a life-sentence



Mike Faran spent his childhood in the UK. After his return to California, he served a four year stint in the USAF and then went on to graduate from Cal State Fullerton. His poetry has appeared in Big Muddy, The Midwest Quarterly and Rattle. Sadly, Mike passed away in December, 2017.