Green Hills Literary Lantern



The Boy Charged With Delivering Loss to the World



As he lifts the pewter pail and squints his eyes in the dark,

as he spills drops of sadness on sand and grass and gravel,

the boy still wonders when someone will fill the pail

with something other than deep loss, maybe

short absences, something easier to carry;

he’s tired of looking upward,

tired of negotiating with the stars

to keep shining brief spurs of light

before the front doors

of the houses he visits.



Lisa Alexander Baron is the author of four poetry collections, including While She Poses (Aldrich P, 2015), prompted by visual art. Her poems have recently appeared in Chatauqua, Confrontation, Fourth River, Potomac Review, and Philadelphia Stories. She is an MFA in Poetry graduate of Vermont College of Fine Arts, and teaches advocacy in writing and speech at Lehigh County Community College and Lasalle University in Philadelphia.