Green Hills Literary Lantern



cover photo -- Amish Barnraising at Prairie Home, MO: October 25, 2012 (© Brett Rogers -- click image for larger version)



Adam Brooke Davis Preface to Volume XXVIII


James Valvis We've Never Had Paris
Leisha Douglas Contour Drawing
Fred Yannantuono Bananarama
Abigail Warren To My 7th Grade Algebra Teacher, Mr. Cardine
Kathleen Lentz Drink This
Lori Lamothe Deep Freeze
Judi A. Rypma Paper Legacies
R. Steve Benson What We Wish to See on Our Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa from the Missouri to the Mississippi River
David Lawrence Handy
Francis Kemper Those kids (with no last name)
Laurel White New Jersey Turnpike
Larry D. Thomas Power Surge
Cathy Allman Not in the Wonder Box
Bob Schildgen Ladybugs, Where Are You?
Ken Haas Speak English
Ken White A Hunting Story
Julie Murphy Saying Yes
Brian Beatty When the Time Comes
Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb Amazing Things to See When Traveling from Here to There
Mark Belair Sneakers
Lee Rossi The Lazy Epistemologist
Suzanne O'Connell My Mind Wanders
Marcia LeBeau After My Friend Read Us "Why I Hate Gristedes" Which is Really an HIV Coming-Out Poem

Directives for Temptation
Rachel Tramonte The Visits
Stacy Margaret Jones Closet

Carol Hamilton Riven
Kathleen M. McCann Preparatory to the Roses
John Timothy Robinson Wind on the Water
Joseph Buehler Chickens


Mark Dostert Rocks, July 1994
Rebecca Givens Rolland Seaweed Wasn't the Right Color
Harlan Yarbrough Exsiccation
Olaf Kronemann In Sickness and in Health
Gary Fincke Something Like the Truth
Lawrence F. Farrar A Third World Dinner
Susan Taylor Chehak This is That
Karl Harshbarger Sunday Morning
Dean Jollay Cerise
Michael Washburn Emissary
Dennis Vannata The Purcells, Late Morning
David Langinlais What Happened to All the Dogs?
Doug Sutton-Ramspeck Crows
Jacob Weber Silver Spring


Alex M. Frankel Gideon Kid, a Radio Store
Emily Jalloul The Prayer

Lemon Meringue Pie




Joe Benevento Quick Looks At Five New Books of Poetry
Kristen Greif Michael Onofrey's Bewilderment