Green Hills Literary Lantern



Contour Drawing



A reclining woman,

wearing only bracelets,

rests her chin on long, interlaced fingers.

Her gaze challenges Matisse

to give her clothes,

an upholstered chair,

wallpaper, curtains,

a vase of poppies on a table—

life fully rendered,

not a mere twelve charcoal lines.

Without context and relationship,

one can feel so lost.

She’s on her belly

as if contemplating

crawling out of the wood frame

to wrap herself in a silk kimono

before berating the artist for his Spartan ways.

Would he then apologize for drawing

lips too unsubstantial to kiss?

Could he admit that to his eye

she was akin to a basket of ripe plums?



As a psychotherapist for over thirty years, Leisha Douglas feels blessed to have satisfying work and time to write. Her poetry has appeared in many journals including The Alembic, Corium Magazine, The Cortland Review and Forge. A collaborative book of hers is currently showcased at the Marin County’s Desta Gallery.