Green Hills Literary Lantern



New Jersey Turnpike



Airplanes landing,

gliding over telephone

wires, can look

like kites on strings.


Driving in traffic, it’s easy

to confuse the airplanes for kites.

That’s what the young boy

in my car thought, anyway.


Industrial smog makes

the sunset colors near the airport look like

God himself had painted the sky with amethyst,

clementine and coral,


large, dripping paintbrush

strokes illuminating the sky

like the Northern lights,


while the helicopter-dragonflies

(as the young boy called them)

and neon blinking bulbs on

towers, or 'electric-fireflies' are

twinkling between the airplane kites,

flying in the sky at dusk.





Laurel White is a English Language Arts Specialist who teaches poetry and other writing skills to kids in the charter school in Newark, NJ she works at, in the writing studios of City Kidz World Magazine in South Brunswick, NJ and in the homes of great poets in the making, like the passenger in her car in the poem "New Jersey Turnpike," Xavier, who made hours of traffic on the Parkway turn into magic with his imagination.