Green Hills Literary Lantern



The Lazy Epistemologist


lives next door to the Answer Man

across the street from Mrs. Take It On Faith


having emptied his bath of corrosive skepticism

and watched it whirlpool down the drain


he can make anything work now—

cold fusion, intelligent design


God is his favorite tool

applied like duct tape to any leaky idea


he’s got rust on his pipes

and refuses to sing in the choir


none of his words mean anything

to the world as will and idea


sex is a pastime for indigents

and no longer any of his business


he’s forgotten how he survived childhood

crossing all those Rubicons without the help of allegory


he has arrived at the confluence

of Knowing and Not Caring


both streams overflowing their banks

flood water in the stadium


up to the luxury boxes, he will have

to move further inland


even if the storms there are stronger

than the cogito


he picks up the coins on his desk

and walks into the rain





Lee Rossi’s latest book is Wheelchair Samurai, available from Plain View Press.  Recent poems appear in The Paterson Literary Review and The Chariton Review.  He is a member of the Northern California Book Reviewers and a Contributing Editor to Poetry Flash.