Green Hills Literary Lantern






The sleeve disappears from the handshake

And coziness is drafty there.


I shake hands

With the wind and inherit the atmosphere.


You know me by who I am not.

You get along well with the mistaken me.


Night throws its shingles on my roof.

The moon is a rubber stamp on my humanity.


I think I am living in the suburbs again like

When I was young.


Both my parents are dead like two sides of a coin.


I’m having trouble at my job.

I’d like to ask my dad his advice but he is vacationing

In heaven.


I am spilling down the funnel towards death.

I am the promise of the drain.




David Lawrence has published over a thousand poems.  Some of his poetry books include Lane Changes and Dementia Pugilistica.  He has also published a memoir, The King of White Collar Boxing. He continues to coach at Gleason's Gym, and can still do fifty chins and seventy push ups at 70 years old.