Green Hills Literary Lantern




The multiplicity of color hues
at me, all the clothes with their hands
raised to be worn out
side with their attendant
auras, a smoky waft of what
I should be when I
wear each dress, pair
of jeans or blue silk
kimono-wrap blouse
with a cerulean tie.
Within the colors are the
structures, of what can be
picked, pulled, put on
when. Which jeans take
A reedy thin me,
which forgive more of me
when more is required to
Selecting what to wear,
What I am, have been,
could be
when my body is the hanger
upon which it is displayed
for the day. If the choice
is wrong, nothing
is right:
mixing a loud print with a
quiet mind, or sleek design
faces a slouching me.
When the simpatico dress
comes on a body matching
its architecture and my mind’s mood,
I emerge,
vibrant as a
tangerine, pretty as
appliqué, adept as
pin tucking, comfortable as
linen in summer.
Here at the open door
a reaching
hand decides the day,
the arrangement I make,
the shape of the body blade
for all the air through which
I’ll soon slice.


I imagine it is too much to expect
a bird, no matter how white, how graceful, how ethereal,
to know when it needs to land outside your window
to alleviate the clear, terrible water
of this pain,
Sending ripples — dark and gray, true — through
the cold steel meniscus of fears for our future, turning them into
a comfortable hum.
And yet, here they are. More this time.
Not just the one who came when I was angry with you before.
If they are responding to something within us,
perhaps that one knew he was answering the call of a simple misunderstanding,
and this family knows that its beauty
Is merely a salve, not salvation
for the two of us.



Stacey Margaret Jones, M.S., M.F.A., is a writer, market researcher and yoga teacher in central Arkansas. Her poem "Pale" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2016, and she has had her poetry published nationwide and abroad. She is at work on her first novel, Mr. Catherine. She and her author husband enjoy traveling the world and staying home with their four dogs.