Green Hills Literary Lantern





We don’t speak of them anymore,

or rarely and in low voices

beyond the reach of young ears.

So sad when the bulging peach buds

are overnight encased

in jewel-like globes of ice,

the fruits so far beyond salvation.

The rest of spring is bereft

beneath its riotous exuberance.

We turn noisy and blooming, too,

trying to assure ourselves

that all is as it should be,

and there is so little

we dare care about.



Carol Hamilton has recent and upcoming publications in Cold Mountain Review, Common Ground, Gingerbread House, Main Street Rag. Sacred Cow. U.S.1 Worksheet, Pontiac Review, Louisiana Literature, Abbey, 805, Poem, Third Wednesday, One Trick Pony, Plainsongs, and others. She has published 17 books -- most recently Such Deaths, from the Virtual Arts Cooperative Press in Chicago. She is a former Poet Laureate of Oklahoma and has been nominated seven times for a Pushcart Prize.