Green Hills Literary Lantern



What We Wish to See on Our Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa from the Missouri to the Mississippi River




1.   Yellow butterflies

      on purple clover

      over and over.


2.   A pair of purple

     secrets at the center

     of every Queen Anne's lace.


3.  If lucky, a meadowlark

     whistling from a fence post,

     the clearest music on our planet.


4.  A fawn wearing fading dots

     gliding along beside us in a ditch

     before diving into green waves of corn.



R. Steve Benson taught art in Iowa public schools for over 30 years.  He was lucky to study poetry with James Hearst at the University of Northern Iowa. Steve's poems have been published in a variety of literary journals including Weber, North American Review, Minnesota Review, Mudfish, Briar Cliff Review, South Carolina Review, Poem, and many others.  The Christian Science Monitor has published 20 of Steve's shorter poems.  He and his brother Barry have published 2 books of their collected poems: Schooled Lives:  Poems By Two Brothers, and Poems By The Skunk River Valley Boys -- both by 1st World Publishing. Steve has three grown children and lives with his wife in Mt. Vernon, Iowa.