Green Hills Literary Lantern



Not in the Wonder Box


Sand tray therapy allows a person to construct his or her own microcosm using miniature toys and colored sand




My tray would be a desert. 

I’d rake the grit with my fingers


into waves like wind makes,

dig rivulets where water ran,


like traces from rain.

There would be no mountains.


I wouldn’t use those plastic dinosaurs,

toy soldiers, the sculpted


polar bear with cub.

I wouldn’t use the dolls


from the pink house, not even

the dog. The figures posed in the box


would be cut flowers—

finite, green leaves that take light,


feed buds, burn to orange,

lose petals, turn to dust.





Cathy Allman earned her MFA from Manhattanville College.  Her work has appeared in Blue Earth Review, California Quarterly, Crack the Spine, Front Range Review, The Potomac Review, Sanskrit, Talking River, Terminus, Town Creek Poetry and Word Riot, among other journals.