Green Hills Literary Lantern



"I took this photo in 2012 when I went back to Romania, after seven years of living in Australia. It is located on a high shoulder of the Black Sea, in a place called Eforie Nord. To me, it is a good example of the grandiose communist buildings which sadly still litter the country’s landscape. For older people, they are a constant reminder of what we lived. For young ones, they are just there: they mean nothing. See Florina Enache's story,  "Rite of Passage," in this issue.


The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Volume 27, Copyright ©2016 by Truman State University


Adam Brooke Davis Preface to Volume XXVII


Barbara Daniels Preparing to Wrestle an Angel
Larsen Bowker By Land or Sea
Jean Esteve Elegy
Peter Krok Hands Out

Sweet Spot
David Thornbrugh No Lizards We
Edward H. Garcia The Wasp and I
Judith Cody A Primer: A Giant Dog Snarls
and Readies to Leap at You
Terry Savoie Worming
Maureen Tolman Flannery Revisiting Cabin Site Half a Century After the Forest Fire
Cathy Porter Houdini
Roger Netzer Two Calls in the Night
Lynette Reini-Grandell Stones for Crossing a River or Stream

For Your Information
Theresa Darling Kuchen by Candlelight
Allison Thorpe The Statue of Liberty Takes a Three-Day Weekend
Allison Hicks Color
Henry Goldkamp Apples
Changming Yuan Greenish Wish
Ron Riekki I'm a Poet Even If You Don't Read My Poetry
Fred Yannantuono Chat
Larry D. Thomas The Duende
James Valvis Signature of Lightning, Shape in the Rain

Lee Slonimsky Family Tree
David Lawrence Still Crazy

Eat Up

Then and Now
Grace Marie Grafton Oranges
Marjorie Power Anniversary #35
Philip Dacey Outlaw
Eleanore Lee I've Got Algorithm


Sam Grieve The Summer Concert
Gulchin Ergun Carpet Pazarlik
Chris Evans 1.2 Seconds Before the Boom
Johanna da Rocha Abreu The Cliffs of Rügen
Timothy  Clutter Ghost Marriage
Lynn Levin Little Secrets
Rudy Melena Angry Clouds
Karl Harshbarger Third Position
E.K. Allaire Clouds in My Heart
Florina Enache Rite of Passage
Paul Gleed Sfumato
Monica Wang Glass Tank
Doug Ramspeck Polynomials
Mika Yamomoto The Things I Didn't Know


John Ballantine In the Space Where Memories Lie




Joe Benevento "An Infinite Number of Things": Older Poets and their Considerable Legacies
Kasey Perkins Joe Benevento's Expecting Songbirds
Sebastián Maldonado Vélez Mary Soon Lee's Crowned: The Sign of the Dragon (Book I)