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The Statue of Liberty Takes a Three-Day Weekend



Sometimes she had enough of water and boats

of people staring at her with eager eyes

anticipation like waves of unfamiliar perfume

crowds crawling all over her

as if she were some playground

of all that was good and right in the world


she thought about going to the French Riviera

with all its sun and warmth

but went to the Catskills instead


booked a lodge room with a golden door

traded her tablet for a Kindle

planned a lazy vacation

rereading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

or the poetry of Emma Lazarus

maybe even catching a baseball game on the big screen tv


she could call the spa

and book a massage for her poor tired feet

order room service when she got hungry

or had a yearning for hot chocolate at midnight


she would huddle by the fireplace in her room

let the masses ski and sled

over the teeming shores of snow outside


she could turn off her lamp

and let the glowing fire be a beacon

she didn't have to hold

and for a short time

exiled from it all

she could breathe free





Allison Thorpe is a writer from Lexington, KY.  Recent chapbooks include Dorothy's Glasses (Finishing Line Press, 2015) and What She Sees: Poems for Georgia O'Keeffe (White Knuckle Press).  New work can be found in The Homestead Review, Connecticut River Review, Gingerbread House, Appalachian Heritage, Meat for Tea, Gravel, The Citron Review, 3 Elements Journal, and Misfit Magazine.  A Pushcart nominee, she is working on her first novel.