Green Hills Literary Lantern





By moon-

  light &

hours before

  sunrise, I scour

the margins

  of a suburban front lawn

with my flashlight, outing night

  crawlers as they slip through

crew-cut mowed grass,

  praying to outwit

the ones who'll

  come up in

answer to a love call

  on their wide savannah. 

Soon they'll begin to stretch

  & glisten luxuriantly

in those seductive,

  elastic ways,

juiced as they are

  to bunch up & slide to-

gether, inch by moist inch,

  so many shiny sirens

sensing soul mates,

  mirror images,

their one-&-onlies

  who'll sidle alongside

in plentitude, in lust,

  male to female to

female to male,

  with their sheen

pulsing brilliantly,

  throbbing away in the pre-

dawn's rain-soaked sod,

  each hearing the song

from millennia long gone,

  a deeply encoded call,

but now's my chance to bag

  two with one snatch, but

shhhh, wait... wait now...

  There at the far edge of the flash-

light's circle, just there they're

  mesmerized by the light

& my deft fingers snaking

  closer, reaching out to lift them

in their last dance before

  they become the early meal

for an unsuspecting bullhead or

  crappie lurking deep in the basin

below Joe Bigger’s Dam.


Beyond previous appearances in GHLL, more than three hundred of Terry Savoie's poems have been published in literary journals over the past three decades.  These include Poetry, The American Poetry Review, Ploughshares, Black Warrior Review, Prairie Schooner, Great River Review, The Iowa Review and North American Review as well as recent issues of  Tiferet, Tar River, Ascent, Big Muddy, Poem, Spillway, North Dakota Quarterly, Commonweal, and America among others.