Green Hills Literary Lantern



Stones for Crossing a River or Stream



They are irregular, with sloping sides

and delicate moss, slimy and trailing

in water, like fine hair

that smears in the palm of my hand.


The stones are never spaced right.

I must have started on the wrong foot,

left for right, right for left:

mud below, and an unknown current.


I am a fool for perching on this rock,

and I am a fool for not perching

on this rock.

I accept that a foot will get wet.


But how can I cherish these slippery stones

distant as stars in the dark?

How can I wake to and bless these hard shapes

that stand as the waters wash by?






For Your Information


Today I found

your discarded banana peel

in the basement

on top of the dryer

removable lint trap

and realized


I must incite disorder.


So you will find

your blackening peel

on the kitchen counter,

tented like a tiny bath cabana

where you may undress

and dive headlong,

swim toward your hidden treasures

in the laundry room

among pleasant-scented cleaning supplies.


As you nose your way

past green-blue grottoes

you may see me

settled in one,

leaning forward,


chewing on a bookmark.


Please do not interrupt me;

I am working.

Wave if you must.






Lynette Reini-Grandell’s first collection of poetry, Approaching the Gate, won the 2015 Northeastern Minnesota Book Award for poetry.  Her work has appeared in Poetry City USA, It’s Animal but Merciful,, Poetry Motel, Revolver, and Evergreen Chronicles, among others.  Her poetry is part of a permanent art installation in room 5D of the Carlton Arms Hotel in Manhattan, and she has received grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board and the Finlandia Foundation.  Based in Minneapolis, she performs regularly with the Bosso Poetry Company, a collection of writers and musicians in the beat tradition, and with Sonoglyph, a poetry and jazz collective.