Green Hills Literary Lantern


Anniversary #35


Let’s move back to the city.

I need a solvent theater company

and light rail to ride.


Let’s choose a small apartment.

We’ll unpack our chipware

and crackware and fuzz


then go outside to start tracking the scent

of Greek food. An occasional gyro

will keep us alive.


Not me, not you. Us.





Marjorie Power’s poetry collection, Seven Parts Woman, is forthcoming in 2016 from WordTech Editions in Cincinnati. Her poems also appear in six chapbooks and one other full length collection, all from small presses. Over 400 of her poems appear in journals and anthologies: Raven Chronicles, Poet Lore, Green Hills Literary Lantern, The Random House Treasury of Light Verse, and others. She is married with six grandchildren and lives in Denver.