Green Hills Literary Lantern



Two Calls in the Night



I was straddling the border of wakefulness
and sleep and sleep was gaining ground.
From the neighbors’ pond a bullfrog
sent up an offer, sedative of sixty summers
I have slept through. The season is not endless
it said; it’s just the way the nights
mimic one another. So wait if you want
but sooner or later --
Except I took his call to be my mother’s voice
from the next room, troubled and awake,
as if still in thrall to the disease
that vexed then finished her ten years ago,
posing puzzles she found impossible
to articulate, let alone solve.

Roger Netzer’s poems have appeared in Mas Tequila, Chiron, The Five-Two, The Potomac and Mobius. He lives by a pond not far from where he grew up.