Green Hills Literary Lantern



I've Got Algorithm


Why did she keep me on the phone so long

Asking all those questions and answering none of mine?

And why did she need the “last four digits”?


What’s that pinging noise coming out of the smoke detector?

Why all the junk mail about cancer centers in St. Louis

And helpful estate-planning experts?


Do they all know something they aren’t telling me?


The landline doesn’t ring much anymore

And when it does it’s often a robot voice

Going on and on about the need for…

I forget.

The TV knows what I’m supposed to watch

And the computer often bursts into song

A marketing song.





Eleanore Lee has been writing fiction and poetry for many years in addition to her regular job as a legislative analyst for the University of California system. She has a BA from Barnard College in English. She has also worked as an editor at Columbia Teachers College and as a stringer for Time Inc. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in several journals, including The Alembic, Atlanta Review, CQ (California Quarterly), Clackamas Literary Review, Compass Rose, Crack the Spine, The Distillery, Forge, Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, The Portland Review, The Rambler, and River Oak Review. She was selected as an International Merit Award Winner in Atlanta Review’s 2008 International Poetry Competition. She also won first place in the November 2009 California State Poetry Society contest.