Green Hills Literary Lantern



The Wasp and I


The wasp and I are going to die.

There will be wasps and men in abundance

when we do.

So I will not usher a wasp gently out the door,

wishing it well.

Between me and the wasp no quarter is given,

none expected.

I will wield the racquetball paddle zapper

with all the skill I have, and

if I don't take pleasure in the odor of lightly cooked insect,

I suffer no regrets.

If I blunder near his nest, he will not hesitate

to plant a stinger in my hand or neck.

He does his work, I mine. And anyway,

the wasp and I are going to die.




Edward H. Garcia has  published poems in The Texas Observer, County Line Magazine, The Innisfree Poetry Journal, Rio Grande Review, Muddy River Poetry Review, and Ekphrastic. He is  represented in Texas in Poetry 2 and in an anthology of poems by the Dallas County Community College faculty and staff, Voices from Within.  Some of his poems have been translated into Albanian and published in an anthology of American poetry: Poezia: bashkekohore amerikane. He lives on the upper east side of Texas with his wife Rica.