Green Hills Literary Lantern



By Land or Sea



She overwhelmed him

with blue-eyed words wild


as bees in summer rain…

sentences like starlings


in endless waves, out-

arguing him on every topic


—even when he knew

she was wrong—until he


built a workshop beside

the mulberry tree in


the back yard…side

chapel where dark brown


eyes watched harvest

moons rise slowly


into the distant thunder

of autumn silence --


soft whistle of never

idle hands arguing only


with evening altering light.





Larsen Bowker is retired from teaching, coaching and other mundanities to concentrate on the writing of poetry, which he sorely wishes he had begun earlier, because, as his granddaughter at eleven pointed out, in the kindest possible way, “grandpa you are fast approaching your ‘sell by date’.” He’s had poems published recently in Atlanta Review, Poem, Pearl and Plainsongs. His sixth book of poems Between Two Rivers was published in 2015 by Bellowing Ark Press, and seventh, Elegiac Dialogues, is looking for a publisher.